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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fix BOOTMGR Missing Error In Windows 7

Today I was testing a feature with numerous system utilities built in but it was creating problem. I had test a system restore point before I ran the application, I was confused it was very irritating, and then thought I had do a system restore. When I tried to System restore it gave me a message that it couldn’t restore my windows files. Then I did a scan not but anything suspicious found. Then I restated my Machine.

At booting i got a message

“BOOTMGR is missing”
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

I scared then I had done some searching (on another computer) I had some solutions.
I found that was not any hardware, it happened due to windows bootable file missing

Below are the steps to fix “BOOTMGR Missing” in windows 7

1. Put in the Windows 7 disc into the dvd drive, and then start the computer/Laptop.

2. Press a key when the message showing "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD …". Appears.

3. Select a language, a time and currency, and a keyboard or input method, and then click next. 

4. Then Click on Repair your computer.

5. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, choose the drive of your windows installation and click next.

6. At the System Recovery Options Dialog Box, click on Repair your computer.

7. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.

8. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Startup Repair.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How To Make A USB Drive Bootable On Windows 7

The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system lets you start from a USB pen drive in case your hard disk files are corrupted or they are accidentally deleted. You must format and partition the USB generate before you can use it to start to Windows. Boot capabilities for a USB usb usb generate are accomplished using the Microsoft Windows 7 Command Prompt utility and the Diskpart tool.You can also read How To Fix Windows 7 Startup Errors

How To Make A USB Drive Bootable On Windows 7

1.Insert the USB flash drive in the computer's USB port. Windows automatically detects the drive and creates a temporary drive letter for it. Click the Windows "Start" button in the taskbar and type "cmd" in the text box. Press "Ctrl," "Shift" and "Enter" to open the Command Prompt in Admin mode.

2.Just type "diskpart" to start the hard drive dividing device. This device adds boot files to the usb pen drive, and it categories the generate for Windows 7.Just type "list disk" to see a record of pushes for the computer, including the display USB pen drive.

3.Type "disk x," where "x" is the generate number listed for your USB pen drive in step 2, and press "Enter." This control triggers the USB pen drive,so the rest of the instructions you get into are implemented on the usb usb generate.

4.Kind the following instructions line-by-line and media "Enter" to perform each one:










where "x" is your generate letter for the USB pen drive. This control duplicates the boot files from the Microsoft Windows 7 computer to the usb pen drive.

Friday, October 18, 2013

How To Fix Windows 7 Startup Errors

If your Windows 7 is suffering from start-up error, components or software problems could be the resource of the problem. You might observe error information such as "Windows did not start successfully" and empty displays. Windows-based operating-system come with local resources that you can use to fix start-up mistakes.You can also read How To Fix Runtime Error 7

How To Fix Windows 7 Startup Errors


1.Place the Microsoft windows 7 set up hard drive into the visual hard drive. Reboot your computer.

2.Follow encourages to click any key when the "Press any key to start from CD or DVD" window seems to be. Delay for Windows to fill the information.

3.Adhere to encourages to choose your system language, time and key board or feedback method at the "Install Windows" display. Simply click "Next."

4.Just click "Repair your computer" at the end of the next display.

5.Simply select the raido button next to "Use restoration tools that can help fix problems starting Windows" option and select your OS. Just click "Next."

6.Just click "Startup Repair" at the "System Restoration Options" display. The device will instantly identify and fix start-up error. Your system might reboot more than once.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How To Fix Runtime Error 7

Microsoft Windows 7 runtime error are Windows' way of interacting when it encounters an issue.Runtime error can have several causes and each one is allocated a number depending on where the issue started. In the situation of runtime error 7, the computer efforts to run a process or system with inadequate storage. There are issue solving alternatives that may take care of a runtime error 7, however in some circumstances, the only fix may be a system update.You can also read How To Resolve Windows 7 Activation Error 0xC004F061 And Invalid Product Key
How To Fix Runtime Error 7

1.Reboot your personal computer to free up its available memory. Applications can often kill up storage as they run and restarting your system may help to obvious storage.

2.Double-check the system specifications of the experience or system you are trying to use. You can usually discover this on the box or guide for the item. If your system does not have enough storage (either difficult disk area or RAM), you will need to update before you can continue.

3.Confirm that the application you are trying to run is modified and has been repaired to the most latest edition available from the devloper. You will discover more details about areas and up-dates on the application producer's homepage.

4.Test your system storage Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows vista customers can do this by simply clicking "Start" and selecting "Run," then writing "memory." Older editions of Windows will require customers to download and install a third-party examining program .

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To Resolve Windows 7 Activation Error 0xC004F061 And Invalid Product Key

If you receive error "0xC004F061" when trying to activate Microsoft Windows 7, it means you're using a product key for an upgrade version of Microsoft Windows 7 and a previous version of Windows wasn't on your computer when Microsoft Windows 7 was installed. To install an upgrade version of Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP must be installed on your computer.If you arranged the drive before starting the set up procedure, you won't be able to use the update product key to stimulate Microsoft company Microsoft windows 7. To stimulate Microsoft company Microsoft windows 7, you'll need to set up your previous edition of Microsoft company windows, and then re-install Microsoft company Microsoft windows 7. For help with the initial procedure, go to the Microsof company Support website.We recommend that you install Microsoft Windows 7 with your current edition of Windows running. If you want to format the hard disk, and you are using an update edition of Microsoft Windows 7, you'll need to start your computer using the Microsoft Windows 7 update DVD, click Custom (advanced), and then click Drive options (advanced).You can also read How To Remove Rundll Error

How To Resolve Windows 7 Activation Error 0xC004F061 And Invalid Product KeyInstructions

1.Check that you're writing your certification key correctly. Look for the certification key tag on your computer or inside your installation package. Windows certification important factors are usually printed on Certificate of Validity decals.

2.Check that the product key is intended for the version of Windows seven you're trying to stimulate. For instance, a license key for Windows seven Basic cannot stimulate a Windows seven Premium product.

3.Check that you have a certificate for a full set up if you have no past Windows product set up on your hard hard drive.

4.Buy or otherwise acquire a real key and set up DVD for a full set up of Microsoft windows 7.

5.Install your previous Windows Vista or XP, then update using the Windows seven update DVD.

6.If you keep get a mistake concept regarding an incorrect product key, you can keep the certificate box vacant and click "Continue." Then complete the installation, however, you will have just 30 days to stimulate Windows. Look for a certificate key online.

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Remove Rundll Error

Rundll.exe information are applications that are directly tied to the registry in Windows 7 operating System. Dynamic Link Library (DLL) information contain collections of information used by other applications running on your Computer. They were originally created in order to help laptop or software applications run faster on the Windows based PC. When a DLL file is corrupt or missing, a Rundll mistake will be produced. Normally when a rundll mistake is produced it is related to malware.You can also read Microsoft Windows 7  Security features

How To Remove Rundll Error
Instructions to Remove Rundll Error

1.Observe the process that is producing the Rundll mistake by analyzing the last computer file name in the mistake that finishes in \".dll.\"

2.Start the support settings system on your computer by choosing the \"Start\" selection and writing \"command\" in the search written text area. At the DOS immediate type \"services:msc\" and just click \"Enter.\"

3.Choose the DLL support from Step 1. Right simply click the support name followed by the \"Stop\" selection key. Quit the support settings program.

4.Open your computer's personal computer editor by writing \"regedit\" at the DOS prompt and navigate to the Rundll personal computer key by writing \"Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run\" in the Search field.

5.Select the personal computer key came back and in the value associated with the personal computer key, confirm it ends in the same DLL file name found in Step 1. If it does, single left click the value and Press the \"Delete\" key. Quit the personal computer manager.

6.Reboot your personal computer and the Rundll mistake will be fixed.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Microsoft Windows 7 Security Features

The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft makes easier computer security, making it simpler for you to prevent damage caused by malware, spyware and other malware. Microsoft windows seven also features an enhanced back-up solution to help keep your information safe, and its enhanced parent manages help you protect your family.You can also read Windows Home Premium Vs. Professional

Microsoft Windows 7  Security featuresThe Activity Center

The Action Center security information at your fingertips.The new Microsoft Windows 7 Action Middle in the Control Board allows you make sure that your firewall program is on, your anti-virus software is up up to now, and your computer is set to set up up-dates instantly.

Secure your data from robbery, online hackers, and random loss

BitLocker Generate Security encrypts your Windows hard drive to help keep records, security passwords, and other important information safe. Once you turn on BitLocker, any information file that you save on that drive is secured instantly.
Microsoft company windows Firewall program can also help secure your computer from online hackers and harmful software. With Microsoft company windows seven, the built-in firewall is more versatile and easier to use than before.The Microsoft company back-up system is also enhanced for Microsoft company windows seven. Backup and Recover makes duplicates of your most important information, so you're always prepared for the most severe. For more information, see Backup and restore.

Protect your laptop or computer against spyware, virous, and other malware

Microsoft company Protection Requirements is a download free for Microsoft company windows 7 that allows secure your laptop or computer from viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, and other malware. For more information, see Help secure your PC with Microsoft company Protection Requirements.Microsoft Windows 7 also includes Microsoft company windows Defensive player, application that allows secure your laptop or computer from pop-up ads, slow performance, and security threats caused by malware and other unwanted application. For more information, see Using Microsoft company windows Defensive player.

Decrease risk by improving protection and control

Microsoft Windows 7 makes it much simpler and less invasive to run your pc as a standard customer instead of as an administrator. Windows Vista introduced User Account Control, a function that warned you when a program wanted to make a change on your pc. Windows seven improves on this function, which means you’ll get the same level of protection, but with fewer messages than before.